Von Miller

Week 11 Super Rankings

Author Mat Harrison
Von Miller
Von Miller leads a Broncos defense that could win your Week 11 fantasy matchup for you. (Photo: Icon SMI)

If you didn’t check out our Rest of the Way Super Rankings (for Weeks 11-16) you probably should. It does a little bit of what this article does each week, but extrapolates (yeah big word!) it out for the remainder of the fantasy football season. Also, we’ve gone in-depth on what guys you’ll want to target if you’re 5-5 and need two or three wins just to make the playoffs, or if you’re 8-2 and are setting up your roster for a championship run.

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Now on to the Week 11 Super Rankings

3. Carson Palmer vs. NO
The Raiders will not stop passing. In fact, when the season ends, I’m pretty sure Palmer, DHB and Denarius are going to be playing catch in a 7-11 parking lot. Palmer has thrown 45 or more passes in each of his last three games and there’s no sign of a running game returning this week, especially against the worst pass defense in the league.

10. Cam Newton vs. TB
In what could be his only shot to put up great passing numbers for the rest of the season, Newton faces off against the team that has allowed the most yards to wide receivers this week. Tampa is also third in the NFL in picks, and first against the run, so there could be a lot of passes and there more than likely will be a few INTs.

20. Nick Foles at WAS
Foles will get his first ever start against one of the league’s worst pass defenses. It’s a great opportunity to show this lame-duck Eagles staff what he can do when no one has film on him and he plays a crappy opponent. I bet Foles has a pretty good day.

5. Shonn Greene at STL
The Rams have allowed a RB to score and top 100 combo yards in each of their last two games. Mark Sanchez would have better luck passing a kidney stone than completing a pass right now, and his backup Tim Tebow is widely regarded as one of the worst throwing QBs in the league’s history. So, Shonn Greene’s going to run.

10. Mikel Leshoure vs. GB
Much of this ranking has to do with his three TD performance against Jacksonville, because the Packers have been “good” against RBs lately. Good is in quotations because every team they face has been passing to catch up, but injuries to Clay Matthews among others on the Green Bay defense, may lend a hand in Leshoure having a nice day.

15. Steven Jackson vs. NYJ
Nobody passes against the Jets. Jackson showed a little bit of swagger last week by topping 100 yards and scoring against the 49ers… at Candlestick. What’s going to happen when he gets 20 carries against a bad run defense?
1. Denarius Moore vs. NO
Moore has been targeted at least eight times in every game this season and has scored in five of seven games. Those numbers came against defenses that were much better than the Saints.

11. Wes Welker vs. IND
Welker has not topped 75 yards or scored in the last three weeks, which is a far cry from the 95-plus yards that he had in the previous five consecutive games. This is the week he turns it around. The Colts have allowed both Cecil Shorts III and Brian Hartline to go for 100 or more yards in the last two weeks.

31. Steve Smith vs. TB
This ranking is way too low due to Smith’s lack of TDs this season. Tampa does not employ Aqib Talib anymore, who was responsible for holding Steve Smith to fewer than 50 yards in four of his last seven against the Bucs. In the last four weeks nine different WRs have topped 60 yards and they’ve allowed six TDs to wideouts.


1. Antonio Gates at DEN
Last time Gates faced off against the Broncos he scored twice. The reason for that is that the Broncos are terrible at one thing, covering the TE. Six different TEs have scored at least once against the Broncos and Denver has allowed a TE to top 100 yards in each of the last two weeks.

3. Greg Olsen vs. TB
See Cam Newton and Steve Smith above. The passing game is a good play this week.

16. Vernon Davis vs. CHI
Super Rankings are indicating that it’s time to sit Davis. In his last four games Davis has not scored nor has he topped 37 yards. There appears to be a few better options this week than facing the Bears. While I would not drop Davis yet, I wouldn’t want him as my only option, especially this week.