The 2017 Empire League Trade Value Chart

Author Mat Harrison

You may have noticed several things have changed at LeagueSafe Post and more changes are on the horizon. Along with Christian Peterson, I helped devise this trade value chart in 2014 to help you gauge whether or not your Empire League trades were fair and just. We try to do a good job of considering values of players 3-4 years down the road while maintaining the thought that winning this year and next isn’t all that bad either. Therefore you’re going to see quarterbacks like Derek Carr and Marcus Mariota ranked higher than a guy like Tom Brady. It’s not that we don’t like Brady, but his value in 3-4 years is probably closer to zero than it is that of a top 10 QB (as he’ll be 43 and living on an island full of Victoria’s Secret models).

A few notes on how to use this.

  • Two or three for one trades are not easy to complete in a regular fantasy league, and trading two guys with a value of 50 (like Devonta Freeman and Russell Wilson) for a guy with a value of 100 (like Mike Evans) may work in theory, but I would recommend trying to make the quantity of players on each side of a deal even. Trade one player for one, or two players for two.
  • Draft picks are a great sweetener in trades, and you should value them correctly. If you’re still yet to draft, take a look at what may be available for you in your 2017 draft at each slot. Apply names to picks, see how that makes you feel.

UPDATED: August 28, 2017

View the Empire League Trade Value Chart right here.