Mat Harrison’s Fantasy Football Playoff Cheat Sheet

Author Mat Harrison


It’s certainly not a perfect science, designing a cheat sheet for the NFL Playoffs, but I gave it a whirl and I hope you can use it to your advantage.

In my mind I took a few factors in when ranking these guys.

  1. How good is the player?
  2. How long will the playoff run be?
  3. Who might be the upcoming opponents?
  4. Is there some super crappy QB behind center for the team?

In many cases I opted for talent over longevity of the playoff run. Yeah, 2V’s rankings had Chris Hogan well above Jarvis Landry, and one could make the argument that you’re best bet is a three game run of Hogan versus a likely one and done Landry, but I can maintain that Landry has a shot at 8 catches in his matchup, which is something you might not see from Hogan in three games.

Some people rank quantity over quality, I tried to reign it in a bit and keep it even. Because quality players sometimes have huge games and still lose.

Either way, here’s the attachment for my fantasy playoff cheat sheet. Use only as directed.