Empire League Cheat Sheet and Rules

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Follow the rules… or else. (Photo: Icon SMI)

You’ve already been introduced to the Empire League here and here. And if you’ve found this post, you’re apparently very interested in participating in, or starting, your own Empire League.

Since there are so many factors to consider in a league that has a pot that grows exponentially over time, you’ll have to be very careful to protect the integrity of your Empire league with a comprehensive set of rules.

Luckily, we’ve done it for you! The LeagueSafe Post minions have dotted every “I” and crossed every “T.” We’ve thought of every duplicitous loophole we could think of, and tried to close it. We’ve gone to the corners of the Earth, consulted oracles, and had our palms read. The result is what you’ll see here:

Empire League Rules (PDF)

A few notes about this document:

1) It’s long. Deal with it.

2) It assumes an entry fee of $150. You can make your entry fee whatever you’d like.

3) You can use whatever scoring system you’d like. The scoring system shown in these rules is a roughly 50-50 scoring system with 0.5 PPR.

4) This is a very comprehensive set of rules. Some of them may be more strict than what you would prefer. If your Empire league is being played between friends and/or trusted players, feel free to waive some of the more stringent rules. If your league is one you found on some internet message board and you don’t know the commissioner or league members, you’ll want to be much more careful.

5) Get the Empire League Cheat Sheet (see below).

And finally, if you’re starting a new Empire League, you won’t want to miss our Empire League Cheat Sheet. For an overview of the strategy employed by these cheat sheets, and for much more in-depth analysis of the rankings on a player-by-player basis, check out Christian Peterson’s detailed Empire League QB rankings, RB rankings, and WR rankings.