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Is this the year where Andrew Luck takes a step into the elite? (Photo: Icon SMI)

Is this the year where Andrew Luck takes a step into the elite? (Photo: Icon SMI)

A cheat sheet (ˈchēt ˈshēt) is defined by Merriam-Webster as:

1. a sheet containing information (as test answers) used secretly for cheating
2. a written or graphic aid (as a sheet of notes) that can be referred to for help in understanding or remembering something complex

This is a collection of written or graphic aids that you can refer to for help in understanding the rather complex world of fantasy football. Also, the information is so good that it’s almost secretly cheating.

The 2016 cheat sheets from the LeagueSafe Post crew can be found right here. We will update these as we publish new cheat sheets and updates. Enjoy.

Charch’s Cheat Sheet
50/50 o.5 PPR scoring
Updated: Sept 6, 2016

Christian Peterson’s EMPIRE LEAGUE Trade Value Chart
This cheat sheet is for dynasty leagues to valuate players for either initial draft or auctions, rookie drafts or general trading for current leagues.
Updated: August 12, 2016

Super Rankings
Mat Harrison’s system that ranks players on a weekly basis for every week of the year. Several scoring systems below.
They’re up!

40 Responses to Cheat Sheets

  1. Brian Larkin says:

    Blair Walsh is not in Paul Charchian’s top 10 kickers?????

    • Mat Harrison says:

      Tweet him on that one. @PaulCharchian

    • jbenda says:

      I say this with much affection, but that’s because Charch has been communing with P.A. a little too frequently, and has everybody on the Vikings offense on too many touchdowns. Hope your vacation is seen through the same rose-tinted glasses. Love hearing your contributions on KFAN.

    • Robert S says:

      Well, Walsh has been atrocious through 3 pre-season games… maybe that has something to do with it…?

  2. Charlie Fernow says:

    Love the sheets, one thing I’d like to see is maybe an overall player ranking. I’m guessing the reason you don’t have it is because it’s mroe trouble than it’s worth. Love the show by the way, elite football minds, go vikings, etc. Have a good one guys!

    • chris kram says:

      I agree Charlie, historically I have resulted to using the the auction $$ value as a way to create an overall ranking. But Id love for it to be done already!!

  3. Trustwun says:

    Will we see any dynasty cheat sheets?????

    • Mat Harrison says:

      The Empire League cheat sheet certainly is a dynasty cheat sheet. I don’t think we’ll do a dynasty specific one (besides Empire) this year.

  4. Pete Thorpe says:

    In a empire league that is more TD heavy than yardage and not a ppr. Is Gio Bernard still first choice? Who is your first choice for rookie RB for the future?

    • Christian Peterson says:

      I’d probably go Lacy in a TD-heavy league, but I do think Gio eventually takes the goal line carries in Cincy as well.

  5. Adam says:

    Why are the Auction values so off? I tried these in a mock auction draft and apparently ever player was a bargain.

    • Charlie Fernow says:

      I’m guessing he’s listing the absolute max value he’d go.

    • Brian says:

      The values listed are the max values if that player was the FIRST player thrown out, when all the teams have all their money. As the draft goes on, and teams spend money, the max bids for players goes down.

      • Brian says:

        Also, different leagues have different “cultures.” Some spend a lot for top guys, others don’t. In some leagues you can’t get any guy worth having for only $1, in others everyone counts on picking up a bunch of $1 guys at the end. You can use that to your advantage.

  6. Brent Johnson says:

    How often are these cheat sheets updated? I think the super rankings sheet is extremely useful. I’d like to utilize it before the opener. A sheet that is weeks old could be wildly inaccurate.

  7. Todd says:

    As we head into the playoffs shortly, what are some tips for constructing my team for the post season.
    i.e. Avoiding teams that are either coasting or have no chance or motivation. What is your strategy and who are some players you would absolutely want to have for the playoffs.

  8. ryan s says:

    Saying the values are for the top bid early in the draft makes no sense. If only the top 5-10 guys go for what you list and everyone else is super cheap, then the list isnt helpful at all. Also there should be more than one list for leagues of different sizes so as the amount of money in the league goes up so do player salaries. The purpose of a cheat sheet is to give a useful guide for what players should roughly be going for. A list where the values add up to $2000 when there $1000 for the league to spend is pointless and if u are trying to use it while others are using a more balanced cheat sheet it will most likely hurt you

  9. Doerf on Fantasy says:

    It would be hard for me to draft Spiller over Manning. Please address this on next ff(a)d. Spiller’s auction value should be $24?

  10. Josh B. says:

    .5 ppr keeper, sixth pick I am torn between these guys that are available: Rodgers, M. Ball, Graham or Megatron. Any thoughts are appreciated!

  11. Adam says:

    Great job as always.

    I just wish the auction values were more accurate. I used these in a few online auctions and I was overbidding constantly. For example, people were maxing out at $68 for Adrian Peterson in a $200 cap league and this cheat sheet says he should go for $84. Whats with that?!

    • Mat Harrison says:

      Online auction rooms (especially mocks) tend to skew towards that particular site’s average player value. However, in a $200 cap, you should be able to double a price and then some since the value of a dollar is much less (therefore you can get $1 players at the end of your draft at a 50% discount over a $100 cap).

      In a $200 cap, don’t be afraid to bid more and see what happens.

  12. Eddie says:

    Im in a dynasty empire league. This is our second year. I can keep 10 guys. Do I use one of those spots for Josh Gordon? This is who Im keeping A. Rodgers,E. Lacy,Z. Stacy, J. Graham, R. Jennings, A. Jeffery, D. Jackson, S. Vereen, J. Gordon, Panthers D. On the bubble Christine Michael & Torrey Smith. Please advise. Thanks

  13. Johnny says:

    Wondering when you will be updating your cheat sheet Charch. July 30th??? I know things have changed since then.

  14. Jason says:

    I’m playing in a work league that only has 8 total teams, do I just draft the best player on the board, or do the opposite?

  15. Pat says:

    Any one have recommendations for defensive player ranking web site, cheat sheets etc..? Thanks!!

  16. D2theB says:

    Timing is everything. The last podcast was 8 days ago and this is the biggest draft week of the year. You guys know better. I still love you

  17. Tim says:

    The link for yardage heavy no PPR isn’t working for me.

  18. E says:

    Can we get an updated Empire League trade value chart???

  19. Travis says:

    Hey guys, love the show/podcasts. Got a keeper question for ya.
    Standard, non-PPR redraft for the same value as previous year
    I can keep 1

    Forte 1
    Jordy 2
    Hyde 8
    Calvin Benjamin 9
    T Kelce 15

    I won my league last year with your help! Thanks!

  20. Ben Slagle says:

    I am in a 1 player keeper league and had to keep AJ Green because of my terrible team from 2014. I have the 3rd pick in this years draft. Players also gone are Rodgers, Luck, Brees, AP, Forte, Bell, Dez, Lacy & Jamal C. TE are huge because their scoring is weighted differently. If Gronk and Jimmy Grahm are gone…who would you target next?

    • Mat Harrison says:

      There should be a ton of really good WRs available. Antonio Brown or Odell Beckham would give you a great starting duo at WR.

  21. Nic Barratt says:

    I have transitioned my league into keeper league and I have a great problem. I can keep two from last year and I am listing the cost in a draft pick. AP 1st round, Marshawn Lynch 2nd round, Leveon Bell 3rd round, Eddie Lacy 1st round and Antonio Brown 4th round. I have been leaning towards AP and Bell but I am not sure. Brown is a steal at a 4th round pick but to have AP and Bell in my starting lineup and still be able to pick a 2nd rounder??? that sounds really good. I might be a homer going for AP. League is 10 teams, 1QB, 2 RB, 2WR, 1 FLEX, 1 TE, 1K, 1 DEF. Any thoughts would be helpful.

    • Mat Harrison says:

      It seems like two RBs might be overkill. I’d take Antonio Brown for sure and probably Bell. The reason being, both of those guys are first round picks and you’ll get one more first rounder, (maybe you could get Lynch, Lacy or AP.

      By the way, is this some sort of 4-team league? Why do you have a roster like that?

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