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LeagueSafe Post is a fantasy sports advice site proudly presented by Paul Charchian, Founder and President of LeagueSafe.com.

You may remember Charch from such world-renowned websites as Fanball.com, which he founded and turned into the largest pure play fantasy sports website on the planet in the late 90s and early ‘aughts. Fanball’s primary niche was its ability to provide top-notch fantasy content that was not only insightful, but entertaining. LeagueSafe Post aims for the same.

LeagueSafe Post’s managing editor is Christian Peterson, a veteran fantasy expert who started his career at Fanball and serves as a co-host of Charch’s Fantasy Football Weekly radio show on KFAN 100.3 FM in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Charch and Christian have assembled a crew of some of the best and brightest writers (many of whom are Fanball alums) in the industry, and we’re confident they will provide the same expert analysis, insight, and opinions millions of you grew to know and love at Fanball.


While you’re here, feel free to check out the mother ship – LeagueSafe.com – for all of your fantasy sports finance needs. LeagueSafe takes the headaches out of paying entry fees for fantasy leagues. Fantasy commissioners can collect money online, rest easy knowing their funds are secure with LeagueSafe throughout the season, and allocate 100% of league funds back to winners within hours of the end of the season. League members can make entry fee payments absolutely free using LeagueSafe’s fast, flexible, and secure payment methods, and have a little peace of mind knowing their commissioner isn’t going to “accidentally” spend the league’s funds on that trip to Vegas.

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16 Responses to About Us

  1. Austin Becker says:

    My name is Austin Becker an I am interested in thr fantasy football writing oppirtunity presented by Charch and League Safe.

    Austin Becker

  2. Kyle Spearin says:

    To Whom this may Concern,
    I am a huge fan of League Safe post and regularly use the site. At one point, I considered starting my own fantasy football blog, but I decided that I’d rather write for someone else. If you give me an opportunity, you won’t regret it.
    Kyle Spearin

  3. Wayne says:

    For the fantasy football writing assignment. Is there a specific scoring system or should the rankings be generic?

  4. kevin ward says:

    have you guys ever thought of expanding to NBA fantasy posts?

    The NBA fantasy game is growing interest rapidly, and with so much talent in the NBA the fantasy aspects are starting to become pretty popular.

    just a question, thanks,

    • Mat Harrison Mat Harrison says:

      Hi Kevin,

      It’s definitely something on our radar. If we decide to expand to NBA, we will certainly hold another writer tryout.

      • kevin ward says:

        Great, I’d love to have a shot at that. I got the assignment for the fantasy football tryout and definitely appreciate the chance you guys have provided all of us.

        The NBA is my second favorite fantasy game, and there is tons of data and info to write about. Sure everyone has the LeBron vs Durrant debate, but the way a star can be born at the trade deadline fantasy season like Tobias Harris and Mo Harkless on a terrible team makes the NBA very fertile for fantasy.

        Thanks again

  5. jon wheeler says:

    Are you having a fantasy football forum at boulder taphouse again in St. Cloud? I can not make the pour house party.

    jon wheeler

  6. Todd Latzke says:

    Where are you Tight End Super Rankings? The season starts tonight!!!

  7. SNF says:

    Hi League Safe Post,
    Quick question – would you guys be able to send direct email to corrlinks (the platform used for federal prisoners)?

    For corrlinks, there are no “email addresses” but rather you’d have your own account and login and that way you could send info direct to the inmates via the corrlinks platform.

    Or, would you be able to send your content hard copy through the US mail? If so, how soon could you get that out by?

    Thank You,
    SNF team

    • Mat Harrison Mat Harrison says:

      Our blog is run through WordPress and I’m not sure if WordPress allows content to be delivered in that fashion, that would be a great question for their help team.

      We do not provide hard copy of our content. Sorry.

  8. Michael Romain says:

    Find a League link not working. When will you have that fixed? I’m trying to use your site to promote a league I have running thru LeagueSafe…so your attention to fixing this would be appreciated.


    This webpage is not available


    • Mat Harrison Mat Harrison says:

      The LeagueSafe Forum is no more. The costs to continue the site did not work out to how many people were using it.

      Footballguys.com, FantasyCafe and Reddit, each have awesome fantasy football forums to help look for members or leagues.

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