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TweetBeat: Hey Mr. Wilson!

Russell Wilson

Ryan Boser has been tracking the incredible rise of rookie QB Russell Wilson all week on Twitter. Here’s what “they” are saying about him. Continue reading

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The Jepsens

Brandon LaFell

Ted Carlson is nothing if not a connoisseur of teeny-bopper pop culture. He’s also been watching some preseason football, and he’s identified a handful of players whose fantasy stock is on the rise heading into Week 1. Continue reading

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The Edge: Tom Brady vs. Drew Brees

Tom Brady & Drew Brees

It’s like trying to decide between Kate Upton and Mila Kunis. You can’t go wrong either way, but at some point you may be forced to select either Tom Brady or Drew Brees, and you can’t have both. Court E. Mann sorts it all out. Continue reading

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Recap: Charch League Auction

David Wilson

The 432nd annual Charch League auction took place on Monday night. Christian Peterson provides the full results and some observations. Continue reading

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The Curious Case of Benjamin Tate

Ben Tate

Ryan Boser analyzes what to do with Ben Tate; a top-10 RB talent stuck in a backup role behind one of the game’s best runners. Continue reading

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Screw It, I’m Going With Alex Smith!

Alex Smith

Call it a QB Disaster Recovery Plan. Christian Peterson lays out some strategies if you don’t get a top-tier QB at your draft or auction. Continue reading

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TweetBeat: The Other Jennings, Blackmon & Benson

Rashad Jennings

A couple of Jaguars are turning heads this preseason, as is Cedric Benson. Wait, what? Cedric Benson? Ryan Boser reluctantly agrees that CedBen is on the rise in this week’s edition of TweetBeat. Continue reading

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2012 Bold Predictions

Tom Brady

Go big or go home. Four LeagueSafe Post regulars chime in with some ultra bold predictions for the upcoming fantasy football season. Continue reading

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Inside the Super Rankings: QBs

Matthew Stafford

Christian Peterson dives deep into the quarterback Super Rankings, both to explain how the rankings work and to identify certain players our system does and doesn’t like. Continue reading

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Ryan Boser’s 2012 Rankings

Miles Austin

As usual, our Ryan Boser has gone above and beyond the call of duty. Here, he unveils his own personal rankings with commentary about every player! He also used jedi mind tricks to make his cheat sheet look much nicer than Charch’s or CP’s. Continue reading

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